What We Believe

We will never compromise on the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ever.

Core Values

Word Driven:
The Bible is God’s perfect Word inspired by the Holy Spirit. The key to knowing God is revealed through his Word and clarified through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son. We will promote sound Biblical truth and doctrine in a culturally relevant package.
Spirit Led:
Jesus Christ, who has ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father, promises to send the Holy Spirit to those who have put their trust in him as The Way. The Holy Spirit guides us in all truth and empowers us for ministry to serve God’s Kingdom purposes. We will embrace the Spirit within us and upon us as we live for God’s purposes.
Unashamed of the Gospel:
The Good News about Jesus Christ is the power of God saving all those who believe. God loves the world and has called and empowered us as believers to be his witnesses and advance God’s Kingdom through Word and deed. We will present the full Gospel through any God-honoring means to anyone.
Transformed Lives:
We are called according to God’s purpose and must maintain a Kingdom focus in our lives that will transform our hearts and minds and conform us to be more like Jesus Christ.  We will actively engage in fellowship, worship, the teaching of God’s Word, and prayer to develop wholeness in ourselves for the purpose of serving God’s kingdom through outreach and mission.
The ultimate purpose of believers is to glorify God through worship. We will worship God with our individual lives and in corporate worship together through music, preaching, and sacraments.
God calls on his churches to be houses of prayer. We will pray in many ways to connect with God relationally and to participate with him in Kingdom advancement through intercession.

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