What do you want freedom from?
Is it an addiction, anger, selfishness, the constant pursuit of money and stuff, or even past hurt or shame?
I want to follow up a question with a question…
Have you surrendered your life to Christ?
Have you allowed Jesus to be the Lord of your life, asking Him to rescue you from the pit of your despair?
Because this is what He does, repeatedly!
He has been doing it for several thousand years.
Our hope is that the Rescue Stories you will read on here will show you that life with Christ is so much greater than life without. We want you to know there is POWER in the word of God! There is POWER in the work of the Holy Spirit. There is POWER in people's testimonies as they experience transformational change in the name of Jesus. These rescue stories from our church are just a small portion of the countless testimonies throughout the history of the Church.
While we want you to read the stories and find hope, we also want to invite you to be a part of our church body. We want you to join us so that you can learn with others, grow in your faith with others, worship with others, and be in fellowship with others. We want you to be encouraged, to be mentored and to be loved. Throughout history, churches have played a biblical and instrumental role in helping broken people find hope in Jesus Christ. And these are a few of their stories...