Mission Uganda – Blog 5
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Bryce’s “What-If” Becomes Reality:
What was simply a dream one year ago came to full recognition today. Powerful emotions overwhelmed me as I woke up this morning. I knew today was the day I had been waiting for a long time. First – and most importantly – we got to meet our kids for the first time. As we rounded the corner to the house, the floodgates opened. Once again, as happens so many times in Uganda, words cannot express the sheer joy experienced when you hug your new grandbabies for the first time. They were quite shy (they must have inherited those genes from their Nana). Geoffrey and Ruth spent the entire day with their Papa. David was in school, so we could only see him for an hour. We also met Yunia and Dorothy (Aaron’s and Dawn’s children), and we are happy to report that they are doing extremely well thanks to the loving generosity of two of our American families. Once again, I witnessed the rest of the team loving on children as if they were in their own. It was a total God moment to say the least. I sat back in total amazement as I watched the team interact with each and every child. It is probably fortunate for our wives and husbands at home that our suitcases won’t hold a couple of youngsters each.
As if I hadn’t experienced enough emotions for one day, we made a trip to the new mill and witnessed the fruits of extremely hard work by Dennis and the Golden Heart team supported by the funds committed from several donors. They made this project possible. God will truly bless the work of the funds for His Kingdom in Uganda.
We had a great lunch in downtown Kampala, and then we moved on to a very…energetic… worship service. Val was asked to pray for the pastor and his wife, and we all witnessed the true power and presence of the Holy Spirit as she prayed over him.
God has blessed us with another beautiful and productive day in Uganda. As we write this blog, I am dictating to Collin so that he can transfer it to this blog that you are reading. All is well with no health problems whatsoever, other than the fact that we can’t for the lives of us figure out what Ashley actually eats (but so far we know a lot of things that she DOESN’T). It’s nearly 9:00, and traffic is heavy, so we had better sign off.
(Final joy for the day: Slowly moving through traffic with your new grandbaby fast asleep in your arms.)
Mukama Akuwe Omukisa,