Full-Time Staff Ministry Position
If interested, please complete the job application and return to Newton Church of the Way by Friday, February 16, 2018.           The Way Employment Application

Middle School and High School Youth Leader

  • Casting vision for Middle School and High School Youth, both long term and short term, as it aligns with the mission and vision of the Newton Church of the Way.
  • Collaboration with other ministry leaders, especially in the area of discipleship.
  • Preparing and implementing all logistical aspects of Route 146 youth night (format of night, which may include games, Bible teaching, worship, prayer, meal/van coordination, large/small group, )
  • Developing, equipping, empowering, and communicating with volunteer leaders.
  • Discipling, encouraging, and equipping youth and connecting with their families.
  • Organizing and leading special events for youth, including conferences/retreats, outreach opportunities, team-building activities, & mission/work trips.
  • Cooperating with other ministry leaders.
  • Specialty skills with worship and media are preferred but not not required.
  • Other duties as as needed.