2ND Saturday

Saturday, October 14

“Spiritual Warfare” Guest Speaker Matt Hugg

We are a new creation. Old nature vs. New nature. Pre-Christ reality for us as dead in sin vs. Post-Christ reality for believers who’ve been made alive in Christ. To engage in spiritual warfare is to become a spiritual warrior. A new mindset is NON-NEGOTIABLE. That new mindset says, “No circumstance, and no person, and no being, is greater than God. And I’m going to prove that in my own life first, and then help others to learn to live in that reality in their own life.”

To win in spiritual warfare you first need to see yourself the same way God sees you. We share spiritual DNA with Jesus himself and he never lost a spiritual fight. That means we carry a divine advantage into every spiritual conflict and we have already won victory because of His victory. We are overcomers. We are more than conquerors. We are participants with Christ in the same Isaiah 61 anointing he had, and are supposed to fulfill the same Isaiah 61 destiny He fulfilled – within the context of our own specific gifts, callings, ministries, circumstances, relationships, and areas of influence.

Welcome to 2ND Saturdays at the Way. Second Saturday is a place where you can meet with and experience the risen Lord Jesus through worship, Bible teaching, and prayer. It’s a place where you can find hope, healing, and refreshment. This is a once-a-month service that offers something different every time you come. We hope you can join us soon!