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Enjoy an evening gathered round a table, where you can get to know others. Have a wonderful meal, connect, and fellowship with others!
This is will be a great way to meet new people, from the church and the community.

Is The Gathering Table a Bible study?

Great question! No, this is just a time for fellowship. Be yourself, and if the conversation takes you back to Sunday’s sermon, fantastic, but there are no preconceived expectations for this to be the case.

How does The Gathering Table work?

Simply fill out the online registration form for you and your spouse (if applicable).
After a couple weeks of sign-ups, group will be formed and coordinators assigned.

How are The Gathering Table groups formed?

Groups will be formed with around eight adults, based on the stated availability in the host home.
Family size will be considered when creating groups, but generally speaking some groups will have approximately 8 adults comprised of either all couples, two couples and four singles, and others might have one couple and six singles. It all depends on who signs up. The mystery is part of this ministry’s excitement!

Will there be separate The Gathering Table groups for singles and couples?

No! Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way you will have more fun and individuals from all ages and walks of life will get to know one another.  This event is for adults only at this time. No childcare is available for these evenings.