Mission Uganda – Blog 4

Newton Church of the Way   -  

One word, two people. Lay it before God and what do you get? Soccer evangelism. If someone had told me soccer could be used so effectively as a bridge to the gospel, I would not have believed it could be even close to what actually happens. I will try to send some videos of the joy and celebration we all witnessed at the soccer matches. 
We had some amazing devotions again this morning. What an awesome way to begin each day – we share thoughts that we have had overnight, followed by scripture and a round of prayer. Yesterday we specifically prayed for the armor of God. We also could have used some armor today. It was pouring down rain when we woke up, and as we headed out, it was still raining and the roads were a disaster. There were several stuck vehicles, but Jehoshaphat managed to get us to our first school. 
We’ve got a couple of problems developing. First on the list is Nuper. Although he is a good leader, he has decided to turn on me in multiple areas. This trip he is not only making light of my very slight weight problem, but has decided to attack my looks! He has now resorted to making me side profile as well as calling for a vote on which of us is better looking. Really! It’s not even close, but luckily for him, Erv jumped up and joined in the competition and smoked us both.
The second problem is GeorgAnn. She had what we call in missions a two-strike day. First of all, she ran through the house screaming at the top of her lungs as a small, harmless bug made his way down her shirt. It disrupted us all. Then she lost her glasses, resulting in a frenzy search; and now at supper we found out she left her hoodie on the bus. Sometimes executive decisions can be tough, but we will keep you informed. 
Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I will move to a more serious spot. We have witnessed to nearly 10,000 people in the past three days. God is moving mightily in Uganda! I can’t tell you how many times events have moved me into the sweet spot. What a wonderful spot to be camped in! I wish those of you who haven’t been there could get a taste of what it’s like. I’m sure most of you can relate to life in the Sweet Spot and experience the full joy the spirit. To God be the glory! 
It is going to be a huge day emotionally tomorrow. I get to meet the kids for the first time, and we will be visiting the mill. I will probably spend most of the day in emotional tilt. Until tomorrow, God bless.
Sabalongo – Colin